Birthday Wishes to Fr. T.J Jose

Fr. T.J. Jose became an essential part of the Xavier’s society rendering his loyal services as Vice Principal and then from 2016, continuing the legacy as venerated Principal of one of the finest education havens of Rajasthan. Managing a mountain of responsibilities at once requires utmost devoutness, patience, optimism and hard work that we truly got to witness in him, all the qualities perfectly blended with sheer humility.

He has orchestrated a vital role in refining academics as well as discipline – the assets that have always constituted the very identity of this magnanimous institution. But this is just not the end of the list!
Still enduring his passion for music, it was not just a few times that he didn’t hesitate in performing tabla during school assembly, letting the beats create symphony with the harmonics of the choir.

That subtleness in his posture, geniality in his attitude, profound sobriety in his disposition and the selfless smile that always flashes upon his face has imprinted on her hearts. No wonder we would miss your worthy presence and remember all that you have selflessly endeavoured for our institution.

On the behalf of St. Xavier’s society, eXrays team sends you warmest wishes for this special day as well as for the next phase of your life that would surely bloom with love, prosperity and health.
Happy Birthday Father!

Moreover, we wish Fr. Dominic heartiest congratulations on taking the command as our new Principal. We hope that your attempts towards the development of the school would truly benefit us and revered by all.