6th class GK quiz

 Today the A-A Sayed Memorial GK quiz for class 6 was conducted by our school students under the supervision of Mrs Snehlata mam.

The importance of general knowledge reaches out to far beyond books and exams. Whether it is the classroom, workplace or a simple conversation between friends, a good general knowledge can help us in all walks of life.

Being up-to-date on general knowledge in various subjects and current affairs in different domains makes us better persons. From students to professionals to business owners to homemakers to retirees, this applies to virtually everyone in all walks of life. So to inculcate spirit for the quest of knowledge / GK through a spirit of competitiveness the quiz was organised.

6th A right from the first round and managed a score of almost double the score of the team in the second position all throughout the match thereby finished first.

It was an intense fight for the second position among the other teams the team but out of them only 6C was the one who maintained a good pace from round 1 to 10 without wavering thereby finishing second.

The participants of the winning teams are:-
6A - First position

Aditya Khandelwal

Subhani Sisodiya

Kritik Bhatnagar

Pragya Jain


6C - Second position

Amogh Chatterjaa

Urvi Salecha

Ira Singh
Umang Badetia