77th Annual Sports Day

Zeal, zest, enthusiasm and most importantly Synergy. All these things together made our 77th Annual Sports Day a grand success. With the determination to win and the aim to shine, the hard work of our ‘Captains’ finally gave a good result. There was nothing which could have made this day any better.

The programme started off with a warm welcome of our chief guess, Major General PS Rana. The march past could not have been more energetic. When everyone walked together with their heads high with pride, it became clear how united we can be and how much better we are capable of. It was followed by an inspirational speech by our chief guest and then the girls drill and the MJ drill. The amount of passion these young dancers exhibited was beyond any exclamation. Things took their own way and we are sure our guests enjoyed and relished this day just as much as we all did. It was concluded by handing over various awards to the ones who were deserving. In all, this day was something which left a feeling of nostalgia not just inside the 12thies but also the ones who witnessed the programme. There wasn’t a single detail which was left without recognition, not a single face which was there without a smile and not a single moment which emerged out to be dull. For our sports day like always was conducted successfully. We are also sure that our chief guest went home with a memory which won’t fade and an experience which was worth spending his time on.