8th class science quiz

Today on 3rd August, Shri G.R. Chaturvedi Memorial Quiz for 8th class was held. It was an ingenious quiz prepared by our school students. The 5 sections of the 8th class represented the five teams.

First of all there was a Preliminary round in which the participants had to give written responses to the questions and according to the ranking in that round the teams were allowed to choose their seats.

From the starting of the quiz, the team of 8B took the lead of the quiz and continued with a good pace to the end and became the undoubted winners.

The team of 8A was also not far behind and came in a good second.

8C also played well and secured the third position.The winners were also given cash prizes from the Alumni.

Here are the names of the members of the winning teams

First position 8B :-

Prisha Jain

Sanand Kataria

Advitiya Jain

Aditya Gupta

Second position 8A :-

Nishtha Singh

Gehna Gudhania

Navya Asopa

Vaishrut Bhatnagar