9th class science quiz

Today on 4 August, the father E. Reberio Memorial quiz for IX Class was held. In this quiz there were 5 teams from each section containing 4 participants each. The teams were allotted space on the basis of a chit system. Then the quiz kicked off with IX B Taking the lead, leading to predictions that it would finish first but in the later stages it lagged behind resulting that it came  third. IX C was consistent from the start and did really well in the rapid fire round answering 6 correct question and no incorrect one resulting in it finishing first. IX E also started off well and continued with a good pace but could not match the performance of IX C see in the rapid fire round thereby finishing off second.
The members  of the winning teams are as follows:- IX C – First position
  • Pratyush Gupta
  • Raghav Sharma
  • Aman Falor
  • Harsh Mamnani
IX E – Second position
  • Hemant Goyal
  • Jinay Ajmera
  • Navya Mamoria
  • Nipurn Aggarwal