who we are eXRays

e-Xrays, the electronic eye of Xavier’s is a portal which has been interacting with people since 2006. e-Xrays is an organization of students at St. Xavier's Senior Secondary School which manages the official website www.exrays.net and the online presence of the institution with an aim to keep everyone in sync with the activities at school. The alumni members are enraptured of the website as it helps them to connect with their school so that they can cherish their old memories and be updated with the happenings of St. Xavier’s. Recently, E-Xrays has come up with new ideas like posting latest updates on facebook and on its official blog , uploading videos on you tube . e-Xrays is a joint result of hard efforts put in by the students, mentoring of the teachers and full support by authorities. We’ve been enthralling our viewers for years, and promise to do the same for the years to come..!!

Our Team
Fr. John Ravi Principal
Dr. Shaji Thomas Team Co-ordinator
Avani Verma Editor-in-chief XII - C
Gautam Kathuria Photographer XII - F
Divyam Sharma Asst. Editor-in-Chief XI - E
Vedant Jain Sr. Webmaster XI - D
Bhavya Jangid Sr. Webmaster XI - A
Madhurya Sharma Sr. Editor XI - C
Shrey Tiwari Sr. Editor XI - B
Pranjali Sehgal Sr. Editor XI - C
Parth Saini Sr. Editor XI - C
Dhairya Gupta Webmaster X - E
Aditya Makharia Webmaster X - D
Ishita Mathur Editor X - A
Tusharika Upadhyay Editor X - A
Lily Poonia Editor IX - C
Aditya Shekhar Editor IX - C
Kaustubhi Gupta Editor IX - B
Khushi Mohan Editor IX - A
Jagrit Acharya Editor IX - B