From a travel medium to a medium of recreational activity, water has flowed its way into the world of leisure activities. Water symbolizes harmony and composure; just the thought of water brings a sense of peace and tranquility to our minds. It teaches us to shape ourselves according to the circumstances and situations, the life has to offer. Swimming has been known to men since time unknown. What used to be a mere survival technique broke its boundaries and transformed into a phenomenal sport. Like every year, the Annual swimming meet took place at the school’s swimming pool on 20 August. Children from every house could be seen at stands cheering for their houses with enthusiasm filled up to the brim.  Our school witnessed  a mega event with all the 4 houses competing back to back with supreme ardor and avidity. The spectators were left spellbound seeing our contestants give all their energy to win in various events. The glory of sportsmanship has been vibrantly celebrated and supported over the decades in St. Xavier’s orbits and the whole Xavier’s family never fails to carry on this 75 year old bequest.

The wheels of such events start rolling weeks and months ago starting from mere arrangements to the yearlong hard work and dedication of our contestants . It’s impossible to assess the importance of teachers’ and staffs’ support and adherence to make the event an auspicious one , their backbreaking work has helped the students to showcase their talent without any problems and get through all the disruptions conveniently.


All the four houses started impressively, not giving any chances to the other houses  to maintain the lead. Midway through the competition golds house started coming out up top with their winning streak increasing as the events went by. Within moments, the score board showed golds house’s points had crossed the century mark. With other houses trying their best to catch up and decrease the lead, the event went on to be a thrilling competition between the four. With the event reaching its end mark the results came out to be:-

1.) Golds

2.) Greens

3.) Reds

4.) Blues