Assembly on 14/7/16

The assembly was conducted by class 8-B. The students contemplated on taking time to live life and living life to the fullest. They reminded us to marvel at nature’s wonders and to take out some time for ourselves. The Science Club office bearers for the academic year 2016-17 were announced today. The Science Club conducts many activities round the year to increase the scientific aptitude of students. The office bearers are as  follows-
  • President – Mohit Bhargava
  • Vice President – Manan Bindra
  • Secretary – Unnat Purohit
  • Joint Secretary – Pawan Kumar
  • Treasurer – Farda Gul Niazi
  • Executives – Ritika Sharda  ,  Tanisha Singh  ,  Tanisha Goyal  ,  Govind Sharma ,  Daksh  ,  Siddhant Dhingra  ,  Rohan Govil