Brandon Memorial Inter-House Declamation Contest

Brandon Memorial Interhouse Declamation Contest 2017 was held on 8th December 2017 marking and paying honour to the crucial eve of HUMAN RIGHTS DAY ,which is observed every year on 10th December. The topic ” All human beings are born free and equal with dignity and rights” was worth putting up so as to portray the era of mixed values where infringement of rights as well as acceptance and respect towards diverse opinions can be witnessed in different parts of the world today. The confident, lively, and well prepared speakers gained success in showing and awaring us of the dark side of a man, forcing our brains to ‘think’ on it and of course , impressing the venerated judges with their commendable performances and unique perspective. Two speakers from each house voiced their concerns. Towards the end , the audience which constituted the 11th standard students was left grounded to the reality with an inspiration to change it for the better. The achievers are listed below :- 1st : Bhavyam Sings (Greens) 2nd: Samrdhi Singh(Golds) 3rd : Vineeta Shekhawat(Greens) Consolation : Manas Kumar (BLUES) The masters of ceremony were Harsh Sharma and Shamayla Khan. This time the prizes were with a twist ,I.e., in the form of books packed with priceless thoughts of laudable thinkers. This would surely encourage the winners to expand their creativity. Picture credits- Photography club