St. Xavier's Sr. Sec. School Jaipur, Rajasthan


St. Xavier’s Sr. Sec. School, the name which is always cherished in every avenue promises to sparkle in the field of academics too. The intellectual faculty along with well-equipped infrastructure paves the way for the students to be victorious in the intricate competition. The students are taught to expand their comfort zones so that they do not remain inert and self-centered but get to expose to the world and embellish their personality through gaining knowledge and ideas.

Time and again since the establishment of the school, it has produced some of the best engineers, bureaucrats, army officials, doctors and business tycoons to the nation. The school almanac is planned such that it enhances the academic aptitude of the students. A lot of quizzes, project exhibitions along with vigorous participation in various brain-storming quizzes organized in the city indulge the students in the activity of learning with fun.

Keeping in mind that failures are the stepping stones towards success, the students are mentally strengthened to confront any adverse outcome with grace and learn from their mistakes.