Christmas Assembly 2015

It was a beautiful morning when St. Xavier’s, Jaipur was getting ready for the Christmas celebrations. The special Christmas assembly on the 22nd of December, the last working day before the winter vacations, was conducted by the LTS Club of the school. The entire maintenance staff was gathered in the assembly ground as special guests because the assembly was dedicated to ‘The Xavier Work Force’ which keeps every nook and cranny of the school spick and span. They are the ones who are the true heroes working behind the scenes. The assembly was a fantastic event and was held in an apple pie order due to the hardwork put in by the organizers. The Masters of Ceremony were Gehna Gudhania and Tanisha Mehta of class VII. The first to speak was Fr. Glenn Menezes who gave the customary introduction of the life and works of Jesus Christ. He was followed by Mr. Nikhil Jose then gave a warm welcome to the work force followed by Christmas Carols sung by the school choir. An enthralling dance and a skit on the life of Jesus Christ, prepared by Mrs. Sapna Shrivastava and Mrs. Aradhana Bhatnagar, were also performed. Santa Claus then arrived on a stunning Harley Davidson and made the entire assembly ground go wild with cheers, yells and applause. To everyone’s surprise, another Santa, dressed in a green costume, also appeared – giving the message of being eco-friendly. Balloons symbolizing love, care and compassion were then released by Mr. Biju M. P., Fr. Sangeeth Raj and Fr. Glenn Menezes. Amazing stunts were then performed on behalf of the organizers of the ‘Jaipur Cycle Marathon’ in an attempt to direct the attentions of the students towards cycling. An aura of zeal and enthusiasm prevailed as the students then dispersed- filled with anticipation and euphoria by the idea of the much-awaited DJ Party.