Christmas Celebration 2017

God’s love is so wonderful. So deep that an ocean is a drop before it! Christmas is the day which not only celebrates the birth of Christ but also the fraternity and harmony which reside among various credos. In the light of distinguishing this day, we had a Christmas celebration in the Xavier’s family, wherein the special assembly was first in line which acquired pace with a harmonious Christmas carol. The assembly symbolized the birth of the holy child and happiness of the winged angels. With the unraveling of the glory of St. Francis Xavier, Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi, intrigue audience witnessed the value of humanitarian beliefs based on Christ’s teachings. Amidst this mesmerizing view, we had Santa’s arrival with jingling bells on an adorable chariot which was followed by the release of balloons in the limitless sky which portrayed the freedom Jesus wanted us to enjoy without any deprivations. Someone has rightly said , “All is well when the end’s well” and so the auspicious day could never be whole without some loud music, hoots and hands up in the air as the coveted DJ cheered the souls of the students and made the celebration grand!