Dayawanti Khemchand Memorial inter-house debate

Deliberation and debate is the way you stir the soul of our democracy.” -JESSE JACKSON

Debate helps the learners to deploy reasoned arguments and compelling evidences of an issue from every standpoint and thus helps students nurture into suave orators.
29 November,2016 witnessed the fierce war of words between all the houses in the great event of Dayawanti Khemchand Memorial Inter-house Debate Competition.The motion before the house read ‘freedom of press infringes upon the interest of the nation.’ which is quite an apropos issue to the present scenario of our democratic country.The event was moderated by Nandini gupta and Abhinav singh.

The competitors made smart use of their lexicons to corroborate their notions.The jury included Mrs. Deepali Paul,Dr Roshni and Mrs.Ranju Mehta.
As per the rules,the time limit was set as four minutes.
The debate was highly commended by the judges and finally the battle of wills came to end with the valuable messages and the apt lessons by all the judges to the whole audience. The RESULTS were :

2.Naman Shah
3.Archit Mukherjee

2.Viraj and Parth Vasishta

the coveted trophy was won by the ‘GREENS HOUSE’.