Dayawanti Khemchand Memorial Inter-School Debate Competition 2015

“We do not debate for solutions, for it seldom gives any, but for making sure that no one can influence our mindset without encountering some stiff resistance.”

In a school such as St. Xavier’s where it’s not just about academics, where a two-digit number in red ink is not the sole measure of a student’s capabilities, whose students have made their mark in every walk of life, where students are encouraged to take the roads not taken, debates are an essential part of school life. And so, numerous debates are organized to hone the oratorical skills of the students. The most prestigious of them all is the Dayawanti Khemchand Memorial Inter-School English Debate Competition.

This year too, the debate, organized by the Literature Club of Xavier’s, was held on 27th October in which students from 12 schools, including St. Xavier’s, competed with each other over the motion which stated- “Overpopulation of India is an asset if directed towards creating a skilled work for the world”.
The Masters of Ceremony were Kasturi Akhil, Pulkit Agarwal, Siddhant Singh Rawat and Sanjana James.
The program began with felicitation of the judges- Dr. Ved Prakash, Dr. Mridul Bhasin and Dr. Jaya Narayan. The MOCs then announced the general rules of the debate for the benefit of the judges and the audience which were as follows:-

  1. There were two participants from each school- one to speak for the motion and one to speak against the motion.
  2. The time limit was four minutes.
  3. There was no interjection.
  4. Paper reading was strictly forbidden.

Without any further ado, the debate then commenced. All the speakers presented their point of views with strong conviction and zeal. They aptly explained both aspects of the motion to the audience. Those who spoke for the motion threw light upon the enormous potential of a huge skilled population. They underlined the superiority of human resource over all other resources. Conversely, those who opposed the motion highlighted the numerous obstacles that we would face if we attempt to make a skilled work force out of such a humongous population, many of whom are either illiterate or unemployed or simply indifferent towards the nation’s benefit.
After a series of energetic speeches, the competition came to an end. Before the declaration of results, Dr. Ved Prakash addressed the audience and praised the participants’ enthusiasm and also expressed his take on the motion. He emphasized upon both the merits as well as the drawbacks of a gigantic population. Dr. Jaya too addressed the audience and praised the Literature Club for organizing the event in an apple pie order.

The results were then announced by none other than our very own Principal, Father John Ravi, and are as follows:-
Best Speaker:-
  1. Kunika Champawat (St. Xavier’s Sr. Sec. School)
  2. Saksham Agarwal (Maheshwari Public School)
  3. Aahalya Rajesh (Jayshree Periwal High School)
Best School:-
  1. St. Xavier’s Sr. Sec. School (Kunika Champawat & Madhurya Sharma)
  2. Maheshwari Public School (Saksham Agarwal and Keshav Kanoongo)

As per tradition, the trophy for the first position was passed on to the team of Maheshwari Public School by the hosts.