Dugar Memorial Inter House English Debate

“Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive.”
-John F. Kennedy

What is a debate?
The dictionary says, “A formal contest in which the positive and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers.” This definition, though correct in essentials, fails to highlight the significance of debating.
A debate is not just a mere contest; it is a platform on which both sides of a coin are given equal consideration, where the possible answers to a question are discussed, where eliminating the wrong solutions is way more important than finding the correct one. It is not just about advocating your point of view; it is about influencing the listeners in such a way so that they understand your thoughts. A debate is not about raising your voice; it is about improving your argument.
Due to its importance, debating is given due attention at St. Xavier’s, where the primary agenda is the holistic development of each child. And so, numerous debates are organized each year to enhance the oration of the students, one of which is the Annual Inter-house Dugar Memorial Debate. The topic for this year was The phrase ‘My Privacy, My Right’ is a misnomer in democracy. The topic is very relevant in today’s times where every person’s privacy is not given a due consideration and people cannot exercise their right of privacy.
The best speakers were –
  1. Vaidehi Bhrigu – Golds
  2. Amay Sharma – Reds
  3. Sanjana James – Greens and Kunika Champawat – Golds
The Best interjectors were as follows –
  1. Vijay Sharma – Blues
  2. Puru Saxena – greens