English debate for standard 10th

” It is better to debate a question without settling it, than to settle a question without debating it” – Joseph Joubert With the same spirit the Inter-class English debate for standard 10th was held on 31st August 2015. The special guest for this event was Mrs Rovina Sen, daughter our school teacher, late Mrs Violet Alexander. This competition has been organised in the memory of Mrs Violet Alexander to pay homage for her contribution as a teacher in the lives of students. “When students participate in debate, they learn to study issues in depth and from perspectives.” The topic of English debate was “The Indian judiciary is prerogative towards the rich and the influential.” 4 students from each section ( 1-for the topic, 1-against the topic and 2 interjectors) participated in the debate. All the participants put forward their views in a very strong and affirmative way. The judges for this competition were Mrs Tribeni Malvea and Father Sangeet Raj S.J. The master of ceremony were Shruti Masand and Arnav Ahuja of class 10th-A. All the participants gave their best but as the trend goes, there has to be a winner. The results of English debate for the year 2015-16 were: 1) Ritika Sharda of 10th-E 2) Siddhant Dhingra of 10th-C 3) Prachi Sharma of 10th-C Winners among interjectors were: 1) Parakaram Singh of 10th-D 2) Ananya khandelwal of 10th-D Felicitations to the winners