Father Wilzbacher Inter-house Essay Writing Competition 2015

“A Pen is mightier than a Sword.”

The aforementioned quotation was rightly proved in the Father Wilzbacher Essay Writing Competition.

A master of English language and a devoted teacher, this is how we define Late Rev. Father Albert Wilzbacher S.J. He was a visionary, a prolific orator, an excellent baseball coach and above all, a kind and loving human being. He used to lay great emphasis on the correct and polished way of writing.

This inter-house essay writing competition for the students of classes XI and XII is held annually as a tribute to him. This year it was organized on 30 April. The word limit given to the participants was 200 words and the time limit was 40 minutes.

Every year, the topics which are given to the participants are from our daily life. This year too, we had something unique and mind-boggling to write about. The topic was “IPL MATCHES ARE MAKING HOLES IN THE POCKET OF CRAZY INDIAN CRICKET FANS AND THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY IS SIPHONED OFF LEGALLY”

The topic is much familiar to all of us. Indians are obsessed with IPL’s. They capitulate their hard earned money just to watch the cricketers swing their bats and balls. But do they know that how much time they waste? Do they know about the malpractices that are indulged in by the organizers? Do they know about its effect on the country’s economy?

All these questions had to be dealt with by the participants. This was the perfect opportunity for them to share their take on this issue. Finally we would like to wish them luck and hope that the best man wins.

The results are as follows:-
  1. Tanushree Ajmera (Reds)
  2. Bhumija Upadhyay (Golds)
  3. Chetan Bhatnagar (Golds)