Hindi Debate Competition of 9th.

Mrs. K. Sarkar, during her period (viz. 1949-1956) in the school was not only a beloved teacher but also a great story-teller. She had a simplicity with so much of love and kindness in her heart, especially for children. Owing to her affectionate personality, she is fondly remembered by all and resides in the hearts of the students who spent their glorious time under her love, affection, and guidance. So, in her memory, a Hindi Debate competition for the students of 9th standard was organised on the topic – ‘Death sentence is not an appropriate solution for all crimes’ to enhance not only debating skills in the students but also make them aware of the crucial social issues of the country. The competition was held in the Senior School Hall and the students of 9th standard were the audience. Two students were selected from each section to speak in favour or against of the topic and the teachers judging them were Santosh Gautam, Kirti Guttu and Saroj Nautiyal. It was very impressive how those students presented themselves so courageously on the stage. There seemed to be no fear in them and just their minds, feelings, expressions and overall their patriotism for India were speaking. And so, it was very difficult for the judges to select 3 winners out of the participants and they had to take some time for that during which some amazing performances were presented by the ‘future singers’.
The result was announced as follows :-
I – Kaustobi Gupta (9B)
II – Maitrayi Singh  (9C)
III – Aisha Malik      (9A)

Consolation prizes were won by :-
Praduman Sharma  (9E)
Harsh Sharma          (9C)

MOCs for the occasion were Shrishthi Joshi and Manas Kumar.