Hindi play festival

The 29th of July, 2017, saw the glorious execution of weeks of toil, sweat and ardous efforts by both students and teachers alike. The rising stars of our school proved themselves again in the much awaited Interhouse Hindi Play Festival. The panel of judges consisted of Mr. Nikhil Sharma, Mr. Suresh Sharma and Mrs. Charu Chopra. The show was compered by Kumkum Agarwal and Maheep Mathur. Tears and laughter. Dance and music. These words fall short of describing what filled the hearts of the spectators. Each performance sent across strong messages to the audience. We all had something to take from there. Some teachings, some values and an urge to make the society a better place today for a better tomorrow. The plays presented by the houses are as follows:

TITLE: ‘बूढ़ी काकी’

DESCRIPTION: The play encased the apathetic and indifferent behaviour of the youth towards their parents…how they are treated as a burden and not given the respect they deserve.


TITLE: ‘इन्हें हक है’

DESCRIPTION: The play revealed the bitter truth of today’s society – how depression and other psychological problems are not treated like other illnesses. It also presented the difficulties related to sending children to rehabilitation centres.


TITLE: ‘एक और द्रोणाचार्य’

DESCRIPTION: It displayed the dark and degrading politics involved in the education system of India where moral values such as truth, honesty and justice have become mere words.


TITLE: ‘जिंदगी इतनी भी छोटी नहीं’

DESCRIPTION: It was an emotional display of the daily obstacles and taunts faced by children with diseases like progeria. It sent out a very strong message that life is too short to be ruled by the whims and wishes of others.
The results were as follows:
1st- Blues

2nd- Reds

3rd- Greens

Hearty felicitations to all the winners!!!