FB_IMG_1471334124154Flag hoisting 70 years ago on 15th august 1947 India got freedom from the clutches of the British.This was because of our great freedom fighters who have brought this achievement to INDIA .Independence day program’s masters of ceremony were – HANCY JAMES and SANSKRITI SHRIMALI they gave the students the knowledge about all those nationalists who contributed in getting freedom from hostile British Raj.Then SIDDHANT DHINGRA and SHAILJA SHARMA gave a motivational speech Appealing Xavierites to chase the world and inspired students to make The essence of the country to height.The choir also played a lead role in motivating students through patriotic songs . Vande matram was the inner voice of every xavierite standing in the assembly ground while seeing the flag of india. It was a memorable day full of patriotic environment. It was an epic moment when Fr Sobin Martin hoisted the national flag and the National Anthem was sung by the school choir. Students of the junior wing performed a wonderful dance on a patriotic song showing there pride and love for there nation. Then their was an outstanding parade from our NCC cadets with perfect coordination.Fr Sobin embedded too much  enthusiasm  with his electrifying speech on our nation and those who shed their life for the freedom.The programme was concluded by a patriotic song which motivated Xavierites to do something which could bring laurels to INDIA.                             JAI HINDFB_IMG_1471334116366