Inter House Dugar Memorial Debate

The date was 20th September, the judges were seated, the speakers were ready, the compères were in position, the audience had arrived- the stage was set for the Annual Dugar Memorial Inter House Debate. The tension in the senior school hall was palpable as the representatives from each of the 4 rival houses prepared to battle it out on the motion- “Social Networking Sites- A Threat to National and Personal Security” in front of an audience which comprised of the students of classes 11 and 12.
The MOCs for the event were David Lobo and Shruti Masand and the jury consisted of Dr. Himanshu Sharma, President of the Xavier’s Alumni Association and Rev. Fr. Vincent Paul. Mr. Anish Phillip, Secretary of the Alumni Association, was also present.

This debate, held every year in the memory of late Dr. Mahendra Dugar, a decorated alumnus of our school who suffered an untimely demise, is the only inter house debate held in the school and consequently receives tremendous participation from the senior students fresh out of inter class debates and looking to showcase their oratorical prowess on a bigger stage.

The debate began at around 10:30 AM and had the following rules:-

  • Each house was represented by 4 students- 2 speakers and 2 interjectors (1 For the motion and 1 Against the motion)
  • The time limit for the speakers was 4 minutes with a warning bell after 3 minutes.
  • Each speech was followed by a round of interjection which lasted for 2 minutes.
As the debate progressed, the audience and the jury members witnessed a truly extraordinary clash of ideologies as the participants fought tooth and nail for the coveted trophy. The speakers and the interjectors, standing just a few feet from each other at their respective rostra, launched a volley of arguments and counter-arguments at each other in order to bring the victory to their house.
After 8 rousing speeches, interspersed by 8 equally dramatic interjection rounds, the debate finally came to an end. The results were announced by Dr. Himanshu and are as follows:-
Best Speaker: –
  1. Smriti Jasoriya (Greens House)
  2. Madhurya Sharma (Blues House)
Best Interjector:-
  1. Yagyanshi Maurya (Greens House)
  2. Yatharth Ahuja (Reds House)
Greens House was declared the winner, followed by the Blues House. Individual winners were given certificates and cash vouchers.

Picture courtesy:- Xmag Xavier’s E-newsletter