Inter House English Play Fest

Drama is greatly advantageous in boosting self-confidence, imagination power, empathy outlet and indispensable of all, sociability enabling a person to face and interact unhesitatingly with the world.

Hence the most exciting and thrilling event in St. Xaviers that is ‘Inter House English Play Festival’ this year was conducted on 28th July. Before its beginning judges Ruchika Bhargava, Aditi Jain and Tusharika Singh were presented adorable bouquets by the senior prefects. Students of the 11th and 12th standard formed the audience.

TITLE: No time for their children.
DESCRIPTION: It reveals that the parents have no time for their children in the present scenario, they are so indulged in their work that they don’t know their children’s feelings.

TITLE: Student pressure
DESCRIPTION: It threw light upon the pressure the parents gave to their children to choose the profession that they want without asking what the child desires to become.

TITLE: Choose ‘good or bad’
DESCRIPTION: This play was basically about two sides every human being faces – good or evil, the path of destruction or the path of peace.

TITLE: Merchant of Venice
DESCRIPTION: A unique story of friendship in which a friend is ready to sacrifice his life.

The participants were successful in putting up scintillating performances. While some actors truly raptured the audience, few emotional scenes brought tears in the eyes of sensitive students. The audience cooperated with the actors and was an efficacious confidence booster. The fillers too didn’t lag behind in entertaining the audience. After all the houses gave their performances, the jury gave a short speech to the students, praising the efforts and efficiency of the students.