Inter-house English Play Festival 2015

Theatre is a universal cultural phenomenon that exists in every society around the world. Research reveals that theatre has positive impact on the emotional, social, physical and cognitive development. It has a very important role to play on student’s life as it teaches many things such as self confidence, imagination, cooperation, empathy, concentration, communication skills, problem solving, trust, and social awareness apart from entertainment and relaxation. Keeping in mind all the aforementioned benefits, every year the school organizes the Inter-house play festival.

This year the event was organized on 20th July, 2015 in which the students of class 9 to 12 participated with zeal and enthusiasm. The Masters of Ceremony were Astha Salecha and Ashwin Panicker.
The judges were Dr. Nikky Chaturvedi from History Department of Rajasthan University, Mr. Saumitra Azad and Mr. Vishal Baristo who were given a floral welcome.
Between the plays and before the announcement of the results, there were several enchanting musical performances by the students.

First up was the Golds House with their play titled “Underlying Intentions”. The story revolved around a girl named Nilanjana who enters in her new college life and tries to help a female college peon, who claimed to have been violated by one of the teachers, Dr. Mahajan. Nilanjana and her friends report it all to the media and also file a police complaint. Mahajan gets arrested and Nilanjana gets killed by some gangsters. At the end it is revealed that the peon was lying in order to take vengeance for her sister who had been, according to her, unjustly failed by Mahajan. She manipulated Nilanjana and her friends for her revenge. At the end she was caught red handed.
The play highlighted that what are the repercussions of marks and that victim hood has no gender. It also highlighted the fact that one shouldn’t trust someone blindly.

The next play was of the Blues house tilted ‘The Black Truth’. The plot was about a girl called Divya who was molested by Prince Moolchandani, the spoilt son of Mukesh Moolchandani, one of the biggest business tycoons of the country. When she tells her parents about the tragic incident, they try to convince her to forget about it. But when her brother tries to give her justice, he at once was defeated because of Mukesh’s influence. When he seeks the help of media, he is cross-questioned, even though he was on the right side. The tragedy was manipulated by news channels to boost their ratings. At the end the girl commits suicide so that she and her family don’t have to suffer any more humiliation.
The play depicted how wealth influences and dominates the whole world and it also showed how corrupt media is in today’s world.

Then came the Greens house. Their play was called ‘Life is Beautiful’. The story was about a girl called Eden, who develops love and passion for music right at the beginning and was taught to sing by her mother. When she grows up, she craves to become a singer but her parents refuse as they wanted her to settle down in her life. She gives up her life due to the trauma she experienced because, on one side her heart was craving for music whereas on the other side, her mind advised her to be more practical and settle down in life. Her soul kept wandering hither and thither in search of peace. While she was doing so she finds a boy who was about to end his life like her under the pressure of studies but she stops him and tells him how miserable and vulnerable he would become after he dies. As a result, he decides not to end up his life but works hard and at the end he passes his examinations with flying colors.
The play conveyed that one should struggle until one achieves success. Life is really very beautiful and too precious to lose. Music was a significant element of this play.

And last but not the least was the Reds house. They displayed something that is very relevant in today’s India. Their play was titled as ‘Unreserved’. It was basically a narrative by a boy named Prakash Panikar. While he was a student he had two friends, Monty and Gajju, whose fathers were an MLA and a government official respectively. He failed to get admission in one of India’s best colleges by just 0.75%. Disheartened, he went back and tried the next year and got the admission. When he entered the college, he was surprised to find Monty and Gajju, who got admission through donations and reservation quotas. After graduating, the three friends meet at a cafeteria. Prakash tells them that he is still a middle class man, who is ‘not so successful’, Monty says that he is spending a care-free life on his dad’s money and Gajju tells them that he works in a reputed hospital and is paid a handsome salary. Later, Gajju botches up his first operation and the patient dies. Some days after the operation, Prakash carried out a sting operation on Gajju’s place in which the truth about Gajju’s incompetence is revealed. At the end it was found out that the person whom Gajju killed was none other than Monty’s father.
The play depicted how reservation quotas are being unfairly used and how deserving candidates are denied admission. It also told about the intrusion of money power in education.

With this, the performances were concluded. The judges then came up and shared their knowledge and experiences regarding drama with the audience.


  1. Greens
  2. Reds
  3. Blues
  4. Golds
Overall Best Actor:- Sanjana James
Overall Best Supporting Actor:- Albin Antony

Golds House:-
Best Actor:- Arun Varghese
Best Actress:- Kanu Garg
Best Supporting Actor:- Ayush Khandelwal
Best Supporting Actress:- Isha Gautam

Blues House:-
Best Actor:- Siddharth Singh
Best Actress:- Prachi Agarwal
Best Supporting Actor:- Sameer Joshi
Best Supporting Actress:- Ojaswi Sharma

Greens House:-
Best Actor:- Kaustubh Jagawat
Best Actress:- Sanjana James
Best Supporting Actor:- Harshwardhan Singh
Best Supporting Actress:- Ritika Sharda

Reds House:-
Best Actor:- Albin Antony
Best Actress:- Sanskriti Shrimali
Best Supporting Actor:- Anshul Panicker
Best Supporting Actress:- Nitika Singh