Inter House Hindi Play Fest

The Interhouse Hindi Play Festival was held on July 16, bringing the four houses into the battlefield of dramatics.
The event was compeered by Ashwin Shekhar and Suchi. The participants were all set to compete. The day was to mark the presentation of all the efforts of the participants during their weeks of practice. The time had come to bring their ideas to action.
The programme began with the felicitation of the judges. Next  the compeers  acquainted the audience with the rules for the play fest.
The first play was staged by the Blues House which featured an emotional  story of  Transgenders. It also showed the plight of the  transgenders who are discarded from the society. The social discrimination which they have to suffer was another point in the play. The play, with its  interesting story , flawless acting and wonderful direction, left the audience spellbound making them the winners of this year.
The next was the Golds House which showed that how politicians apply the DIVIDE AND RULE policy to win the elections or the vote of their community. The play was a satire on the idea of appealing to people’s caste to win their votes. The characters were very well enacted by the actors , getting them the second position.
Next was the Reds House with a brilliant  attempt  to bring  out the importance of raising your voice against  acid attacks on girls. It was the story  of a boy who after being  rejected by a girl tries to destroy her face by pouring acid on it. It was a self- written play by Atyant Sharma. They grabbed the 3rd place.
The last play was staged by the Greens House. It compelled the audience to think. It  showed that how we never accept our mistakes and blame the government.
In the end , the judges appreciated the effort of the students and shared their experiences associated with the school . Among  all the four houses Kritik Banveer and Anmol Bhatt were chosen as the overall best actors .The results were as follows :
 BEST ACTOR: Prince Paul
BEST ACTOR : Kritik Banveer
 BEST ACTOR: Atyant Sharma
BEST ACTRESS: Shruti Masand
BEST ACTOR: Milind Gupta
BEST ACTRESS: Nupur Agarwal