Inter House Hindi Play

Dramatics or drama is greatly advantageous in boosting self confidence, imagination power, versatility, empathy outlet and the indispensable of all, sociability enabling a person to face and interact unhesitatingly with the world.

Hence, Inter House Hindi Play was administrated on 29th of July, 2016 in the senior school hall as every year it does for the students of the middle and senior blocks who nurture the interest for dramatics, to introduce, make them experience and benefit from its advantages. Before its beginning, Judges – Mr. Madhav Singh, Mrs. Aakansha Sharma and Mr. Mukesh Lalwani, of fascinating works were escorted to the hall and were presented adorable bouquets by the Senior Prefects.

Students of the 12th standard formed the audience and the competition was compered by Vedika Sharma and Nihar Vyas. The themes of the plays were based on the important social issues prevalent in and brooding over the Indian society.
Short descriptions of the plays are as follows:

Golds House
Title– ‘Aakhir Kab Tak’
Description– It disclosed the hidden secrets of CORRUPTION and the degrading and darkening politics in India. It also depicted that corruption, inflation, intolerance, terrorism and reservation operate and flourish hand in hand.

Reds House
Title– ‘Jal do ya Jala do’
Description– It revealed the hardships confronted by the Indian farmers. Who grow food for us, are only starving to death.

Greens House
Title– ‘Aaina: Zindagi ka Sach’
Description– It showcased the traits of modern families of today, i.e., cruel behaviour towards senile parents, how they are abandoned by their own children and are considered as a burden.

Blues House
Title– ‘Madar-e-Vatan’
Description-It displayed the army and family life of an Indian soldier which definitely soared patriotism in all the hearts.

The participants were successful in putting up scintillating performances. While some actors truly raptured the audience, few emotional scenes brought tears in the eyes of the sensitive students. The audience hugely cooperated with the actors and was an efficacious confidence booster. The fillers too didn’t lag behind in entertaining the audience.

After all the houses gave their performances, Mr. Madhav Singh gave a short speech to the students praising the efforts and efficiency of the actors.

The results were announced on 1st August which are displayed below:-

I Blues House
  • Best Actor- Vansh Parnami
  • Best Actress- Kishori Pareek
  • Best supporting Actor- Yadvendra Singh Shekhawat
  • Best supporting Actress- Dhwani Dhadhich
II Greens House
  • Best Actor- Somil Jain
  • Best Actress- Nupur Agarwal
  • Best supporting Actor- Raghav Mishra
  • Best supporting Actress- Divisha Mehta
III Golds House
  • Best Actor- Ishank Bangarwa
  • Best Actress- Arushi Bhargava
  • Best supporting Actor- Varun Poonia
  • Best supporting Actress- Vedika Sharma
IV Reds House
  • Best Actor- Tanmay Sharma
  • Best Actress- Samriddhi Kavya
  • Best supporting Actor- Gauransh Gupta
  • Best supporting Actress- Sanyukta Papriwal
Overall Best Actor– Ishank Bangarwa
Overall Best supporting Actor– Nupur Agarwal

Surely, St. Xavier’s is going to yield immensely talented actors in the years to come.
Hearty felicitations to all the achievers!