Interact Club activity

On Tuesday morning, 23rd November ’15 , an activity was conducted by the volunteers from the Pravah organisation on the behalf of the Interact Club of the school in the Junior School Hall. Their main objective was to be interactive (as the name of the club suggests) with the members of the Interact Club and present some of the exceptional features of teachers. They started with playing energising and interesting games with the members which opened their minds and made them feel free to express their views about ‘what changes they would like in the school or class’. They (the members) wrote their helpful (and rather interesting) opinions on the big chart papers which even proved to be small before the students’ ideas. Then finally, the volunteers concluded by pursuing their premier objective by showing the members a short film dedicated to the teachers empowering spaces, seeing all her students with one eye, imbibing essential values in the mischievous students and creating an interactive environment for the shy ones. Such activities should be held regularly to make students realize the importance of teachers.