Junior Sports Day 2018

SPORTS, is where entire life can be compressed into few hours, where the emotions of a life time can be felt on an acre or two of ground. Sports, is a theatre where sinner can turn saint and a common man can became an uncommon hero; where the past and future can fuse with the present. In short it can be beautifully described as “The power of human will to compete and drive to excel beyond the body’s normal capabilities.” These lines about sports gracefully describe the importance of ‘Sport’s Day’. To stimulate sportsmanship and leadership coordination, the much awaited Junior Sports Day for classes below 5, was held with vigour and valour; strength and competitiveness at St. Xaviers School, Jaipur, on 15th December 2018. The event commenced off with the drill of junior school students where the participants wore differently coloured and conceptualized clothes to represent unity and formed the symbols of various religions, portraying the importance of secularism and religious tolerance. The passion reverled by these young performers was beyond imagination. The premises witnessed the presence of student’s sportsmanship of all those participants who had gathered there for the much awaited athletic events including different kinds of races. The more you work hard for something, the greater you feel when you achieve it. The celebrations were concluded by the Ceremonial Distribution of the awards to the all the participants of the various athletic events, who emerged victorious. Appending with the note, “Life is also like a game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose; but what you learn is, to accept both victory and defeat with grace.”