Leadership Training Service (LTS) Club

Leadership Training Service (LTS) is a Youth Movement, mainly for students in schools and colleges. It was initiated by 5 students of Goethals Memorial School Kurseong, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India in 1959 as Goethals Leaders Squad (GLS). The infant Movement reached Kolkata in 1961, when three of the pioneer members joined St Xavier’s College and initiated the Movement for the young adults in the colleges and Universities. In 1965 it was renamed as Leadership Training Service.

LTS joins hands with educational institutions and trains the students to develop their personality and leadership skills so that they become responsible leaders and committed citizens. The Movement is providing training to students in three south Asian countries – India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

In India, the LTS is collaborating with the educational institutions in 24 states. There are 15,000 LTSers trained in the LTS way of life in these three countries. There are over 3000 LTSers in Calcutta and its suburbs.

† LTS Vision » The DREAM of LTS
The LTS has a vision of ‘Forming leaders for tomorrow who will join hands with God and people of good will to heal the broken world.’
† LTS Motto » The motto of the Movement is ‘For God and World’.
† Foundations » The foundations of the LTS are prayer, action and perseverance.
† Objectives » Vision of LTS The vision is achieved through the graded four-fold objectives:

  1. Personality Development
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Social Awareness
  4. Social Responsibility that leads to social development.

The LTS club is one of the most active clubs of St. Xavier’s and receives more participation from the students than any other club. It has over one hundred members whose active participation, hardwork and enthusiasm has enabled the club to achieve its current position. Its members regularly visit the nearby Mother Teresa Home and Leper’s Colony, especially on the occasions of Raksha Bandhan, Diwali and Christmas.
Recently, LTS introduced a new study pattern for the poor students from Akshar school with a motto “EACH ONE TEACH ONE”, in which ever LTSer had to teach 2 or 3 children some specific subjects like Science and Mathematics.
The club also organizes an annual ‘LTS Collection Week’ in which the students are asked to donate their old clothes, toys etc. to the poor children of Mother Teresa Home.
This session (2015-16) proved to be quite a busy one for the LTS club due to the wide plethora of activities that they organized, detailed descriptions of some of which are given below.

One Day Training Programme

The LTS club organized its first camp of the session on 12th August, 2015 in the Junior School Hall hosted by Mr. Nikhil Jose, the club’s teacher coordinator. The camp started with seeking God’s blessings followed by an ice-breaking session to get the LTSers out of their shells. After the session, Mr. Jose introduced the members to the history, achievements and aims of the LTS club. After the introductory session, the members were given a break for interacting with the other members of the club.
The Principal, Father John Ravi S.J., himself took some time out of his busy schedule to motivate the members to move ahead in life as a good human being and achieve success. The motivational session was followed by a Power Point presentation. It was followed by a group activity where everyone nicely exhibited their talents. After all the enjoyment was over, it was the time for electing the office bearers democratically. The enthusiasm among all the candidates was appreciable. Then, the results were declared. The list of office bearers of the LTS Club for this session (2015-16) is given at the end. The camp was concluded with the evergreen LTS anthem.

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations at Mother Teresa Home


Rakhi symbolizes the love and affection in the pious relationship of brothers & sisters. In order to commemorate the event to further strengthen these feeling, the club made a visit to Mother Teresa Home on 26th August, 2015 with the club coordinators Mrs. Christine Upasna Lobo and Mr. Nikhil Jose. All the club members were given rakhis which they tied on the wrists of the occupants of the Mother Teresa Home. The members of the club also offered them refreshments. These gestures were reciprocated with the distinctive feeling of gratitude and affection from the inmates of the Mother Teresa Home- something which was very clearly discernible from their expressive eyes. Father John Ravi gave an inspiring speech on Rakhi and he involved himself to the occasion and giving chance to the inmates to come up with their respective presentations.
The treasured moments spent in the Mother Teresa Home made everyone realize that the essence of celebrating “Rakhi” – the festival of love, is in the act of sharing happiness, especially with the under privileged section of the society. All in all, the visit was extremely memorable and fruitful, for it reinforced the members’ and the inmates’ faith in the spirit behind the celebration of the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

Deepawali Celebrations at Mother Teresa Home


LTS Club, as per their tradition, celebrated the Festival of Lights with inmates from Mother Teresa Home.
“What goes around comes around” is a virtue to live by and a mantra to play along, so if you meet someone who has been stripped of his or her smile, give him one of yours. After a noteworthy collection for Mother Teresa home, Xavierites once again gave shape to the statement- “Our life is not just for us alone”. And with Deepawali around the corner, they thought to resume their efforts dedicated to making this world a better place to live. The LTS club of the school along with the teacher coordinators visited the Mother Teresa Home on 8th of November (Sunday) at around 5 PM. The juncture was ornamented with melodious songs and heartwarming laughs that accompanied the burst of every cracker.
image8 This was followed by a speech from Father John Ravi, the Principal, who addressed the crowd with such eloquence that revitalized the entire atmosphere. Next, came a prayer which is recited every time before the Club begins something. Then, two students of the LTS Society also talked and told every inmate what Diwali was all about. Then LTSers called many young speakers from class 6 to 10 who gave an introduction about Diwali as a festival and its meaning in form of speech and poems. Fr.Principal also then called upon all inmates to come up and sing and dance and while singing one could see the amount of happiness in their eyes and could listen the sheer joy in their voice. image7 The whole one hour program came to an enchanting conclusion with a mesmerising performance of the song “We Shall Overcome”.
It was an evening which made everyone realize that what may be small for us can turn out to be magnificent in its approach for others. The event was covered by reputed dailies including Dainik Bhaskar and Rajasthan Patrika.

Christmas Celebrations


Christmas is not just about exchanging gifts, waiting for Santa Claus, decorating the Christmas tree or singing carols. It is also about spreading the message of Jesus Christ, the message of love, joy and brotherhood. To give meaning to this statement, the LTS Club made another visit to Mother Teresa Home. But, before that, they made the day special for the school’s maintenance staff, sweepers and peons by making them the special guests of the special Christmas assembly. Visit the above link for the full article of the assembly.
Thereafter, the LTSers went to Mother Teresa Home for celebrating this divine festival with the inmates. By doing this, they showed that they too followed the path of Jesus Christ. They showed that showering the underprivileged with love and kindness is the very essence of being a Xavierite.

Thus, the LTS is a journey from ‘I Consciousness’ (initiated through personality development and mastering leadership skills) to ‘We Consciousness’ (achieved through inculcating social awareness and exercising social responsibility that leads to social development).

List of L.T.S. CLUB Office Bearers 2015-16:-
  • President– Vibhuti Khetan (12-C)
  • Vice President– Yuvraj Tilotia (12-E)
  • Secretary– Kashish Parnami (12-C)
  • Joint Secretary– Aditi Acharya (11-D)
  • Treasurer– Yamini Atre (11-B)
  • Joint Treasurer– Arushi Bhargava (11-C)
  • Media Coordinator– Jai Narayan Khatri (12-B)
  • Executive-Head– Priyanka M. Grover (12-C)
  • Executives:-
  • Somil Jain (11-B)
  • Manit Sharma (7-D)
  • Aanchal Parnami (12-C)
  • Jagrit Acharaya (9-B)
  • Priyansh Khinchi (10-C)
  • Pari Jain (11-D)
  • Rachit Manshani (11-D)
  • Rossiline N. Babu (6-D)
  • Mr. Nikhil Jose
  • Mrs. Christine U. Lobo

LTS Anthem

Special thanks to Mr. Nikhil Jose and other office bearers of the Club for helping out with this article.