The Madhukar Malvea- Dance and Music Fest 2018

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music” Leveling from duet and group in singing to finding our way from classical to western in the dance category; originating as mere competition but concluding as an esteemed evening cherished by all of us; from trepidation in all of the participant’s minds at commencement to achieving a sense of satisfaction at the conclusion; anxiety and excitement, fear and anticipation, sweat of hardwork and tears of joy- all go together to form the perfect brew for the– The Madhukar Malviya, Interhouse Dance and Music Competition. This year it was held on 6th October granting our school an aura of exuberance and gaiety. The sun set; the evening commenced; the seats filled; perturbation rose in the minds of participants while exhilaration filled ours; lamp was lit; audience cheered and we were all ready to witness this grand gala of dance and music. Our chief guest for the evening was Mr. Naveen Malvea who truly enriched the program with his presence. Our esteemed panel of judges consisting of Mrs. Shruti Mishra, Mr. Asmit Singh, Mr. Gulzar Hussain and Mr. Shiju Thomas truly embodied the passion for dance and music as a whole. First category we entered into was the hindi group song which carried within itself the melody and strain we all long to hear. The Greens house came to be the winner in this respective category. Second category – the duet singing performances added a delightful touch to the past ‘solo’ performances. We came across mesmerizing showcase of talents in both Hindi and English songs. Reds emerged as the winner in the Hindi category while blues took the lead in the English category. Next up was the classical dance – a heritage of Indian culture that never fails to enthrall its viewers. Reds and greens tied neck to neck in this particular event. The last event for this evening was the western dance- giving us a peek into the contemporary style of dance it really dazzled and enraptured the spectators. Maybe our participants returned with sore feet and throats but surely their hearts brimmed with fulfillment, pride and contentment. This annual cultural mega fest comes and goes, each time making us learn something new, each time bringing out the hidden talents of our “studious” students, each time providing us with more and more expectations for the next year. Months of determination and perseverance of the participants finally came to an end with the declaration of results as follows: 1. Greens 2. Reds 3. Golds 4. Blues