Motivating Youth Club

This is the recent endeavor undertaken by the Xavierites to motivate the YOUTH being nurtured in the school’s edifice to step out of its premises as indefatigable well-read and aware personalities with a spirit to change the world and courage to be the change they may want to see in the world. There is no topic that this club doesn’t talk about. Let it be political, social, economical, sentimental or emotional, all are discussed in its meetings which are really interactive and self-introspecting. This club has exhibited indomitable enthusiasm in its very first year through various activities such as:

  • Summer Camp which was organized on the weekends of the Summer Vacation.

  • Workshop on Care and Ethical Treatment to Animals

  • Regular Motivating Sessions


The enthusiasts who have come up with this club are:

President – Arjit Yadav

Vice-President – Divyansh Sharma

Secretary – Sanchit Goyal

Joint-Secretary – Vishwas Gupta

Treasurer – Vaibhavi Solanki

Senior Executive – Pundrikaksh Joshi


  • Farda Gul Niazi

  • Usman Siddiqui

  • Jhanvi Patni

  • Devanshi Thakuriya

  • Nandini Gupta

  • Aayush Saxena

  • Rakshita Choudhary

  • Atyant Sharma