Naresh Pardal Inter House Quiz – 2015

7th of July was like any other normal day Xavier’s had witnessed except for one thing: the Naresh Pardal Inter House Quiz Competition. This General Knowledge quiz is being organised and sponsored by the family of late Mr. Naresh Pardal of ’71 batch. The questions asked in the quiz test the prowess and the awareness of the participants as well as the audience. This year the audience were the students of the 12th standard. The six rounds of the quiz were as follows:  Current Affairs, History and Geography, Literature and Performance Arts, Sports and Science, Audio Visual and lastly, the Rapid Fire. The Blues House repeated their last year’s performance by winning the quiz for the second time in a row accompanied by Greens House at the Second place.
  1. Blues- 85 Points
  2. Greens – 70 Points
  3. Reds – 45 Points
  4. Golds – 25 Points