Naresh Pardal Quiz

“A little knowledge that acts is worth more than much knowledge that is idle. “
Every year Naresh Pardal Quiz provides a plethora of knowledge and cognizance to the Xavier’s family. This Xavier’s bequest coaxes each one of us to come out with the best of our brains and knowledge and become proficient in them. This interhouse quiz is organized annually by Xavier’s Alumni in the memory of Mr. Naresh Pardal- a praiseworthy aluminus and a skilled actor. The Pardal family with utmost warmth and proclivity sponsors this event seeing this as a very salient medium for providing knowledge and understanding to the students.

Hence owing to the coveted event, on the 13th of July, the senior school hall was filled with charismatic alumnus, enthusiastic contestants and students fervent to learn. The Quiz master- Dr. Aquil truly enthralled and bedazzled our minds with an intriguing set of questionnaire. There were 6 rounds including general knowledge, science, history, audio, video, sports and the rapid fire. The 11th standard witnessed this competition, with some questions tossed to them in the audience round. Our chief guest for the event was Mr. Rajneesh Pardal who felicitated and honored our participants.

The quiz came to an end after a very close competition between the Golds and the Reds house. Golds house emerged as the winner with the winning trophy in one hand and a cash prize of Rs. 6000 in another. The Reds very close to victory came second with a cash prize of Rs. 4000. The Greens and Blues secured third and fourth position with a cash prize of Rs. 2000 and Rs. 1000 respectively.

We enthuse the whole alumni and their president Mr. Ranawat who made all this possible and manageable. The sheer dedication and assiduity they put in every task that led to a successful completion of the event was truly admired by all. We hope this legacy would be carried forward to upcoming years and would continue to inspire and quench the thirst for knowledge in students.

Kudos to all the winners!