Naresh Pardal Quiz

Xavier’s Alumni association has always been and will continue to be an integral part of the Xavier’s Society which heartily contributes to the school’s progress by organizing a fair amount of interesting as well as efficacious activities and quizzes in the school every year. This time they laid down their contributions for the senior students.

Naresh Pardal Quiz competition was administrated by the Xavier’s Alumni on 8th July, 2016 in the Senior school hall. The inter-house quiz was based on General Knowledge involving other subjects also like history, geography, literature and science. The quiz was dedicated to late Mr. Naresh Pardal (as the quiz’s name suggests) who along with being an all-rounder, was an exceptional, indispensable, intelligent and a courteous Xavierite. He was remarkable in all aspects whether it be sports, dramatics, or academics and was an active participant in other co-curricular activities like elocutions, quizzes, etc. Along with it, he experienced success in those fields winning various prizes.

Now, coming to the competition, Mr. Anish Thomas, an ex-Xavierite, played his part as the quiz master. The participants were from the 10th, 11th and 12th standards, four students from each house, and the audience constituted of the students of the 10th standard.

A spellbound silence rolled in as the quiz started. Nervousness was clearly seen on the faces of the participants as they were constantly attacked with the finely selected, mind boggling questions. But it was a pleasure to watch them fighting with the stress and coming to their forms. Even the audience didn’t lag behind in performing well as some of the students from it answered few questions very astutely. Rather arduous, a head to head completion was witnessed.

The Reds house, starting at a slow pace, gathered a spectacular amount of speed surpassing all the other houses and hence soaring to the 1st position while the Golds house, also doing a fine job, managed to secure the 2nd position. Participants from the Reds house were awarded with a trophy and prize money of Rs.6000 and participants from the Golds house were accorded with a prize money of Rs.3000 by Mr. Rajnish Pardal, the younger brother of late Mr. Naresh Pardal. The names of the winners are as follows-

  • Abhinav Agarwal (10 D)
  • Himansh Anand (12 E)
  • Shrey Tiwari (12 B)
  • Udbhav Rathore (12 E)
  • Ayush Khandelwal (10 C)
  • Hardik Khandelwal (12 B)
  • Kanu Garg (12 E)
  • Shubh Arora (11 B)
  • The coveted Trophy