Art is seen by all but sensed by some.
Only a few people posses that spirituality to see, feel and admire the hidden beauty of the nature, to cherish the bliss and to wonder upon the fascinating colours mingled in our surroundings.

Photography is one such art which requires such a sense, skills and the knowledge for successfully performing it. It enables one to see and experience life and even the world differently. The much-needed work of promoting this is carried out by the Photography Club of the school which administrated the Photography Exhibition, i. e , Parallax on 20th October, 2016, to encourage this diminishing art among the students. The exhibition was inaugurated by venerated Fr. T. J Jose.


It displayed commendable pictures clicked by the students that captured the unseen aspects of life as well as nature, panoramic sceneries, and some of the issues prevailing in the society. It continued till 22nd October, 2016, and was highly successful in showcasing the students’ talent.


Hope the club won’t fail in initiating such laudable activities in future too.