Rafi cup

“Sports do not build your character. They reveal it.”

With classrooms overshadowing our fields, seizing every opportunity to display our talents in the sports arena has become essential. Sports are a preserver of health; it is the perfect blend of releasing some stress as well as gaining some very important life values. It is a pursuit which teaches us to incorporate in ourselves traits like discipline, focus, commitment and a healthy competitive attitude. Our school has always been an avid supporter and adherent of sports and has various sports to choose from. Our school also houses many competitions and is a voracious participant in all of them; may it be interhouse or interschool.  Recently, The Rafi cup was held from 27th august to 29th august granting our football field an aura of zeal, ebullience and sparkle. With all houses preparing their teams from weeks before and all participants excited from months before, this 3 day mega event is surely something we all wait for. The well trimmed green grass became a witness to the sweat of our footballers and the grey sky above us carried within itself an undertone of undying passion for football leaving the spectators captivated and enraptured. The hardwork and perseverance of our players could easily be seen on the field with a bit of excitement and agitation. The Chief Guest for the evening was our very own father principal who also shares a very special bond with football. Our footballers played with all their hearts looking for that one goal, that one chance which could make them win. In the end the trophy was lifted up by the Reds house with a score of 2-0 and the Greens house were declared as the runner up. Third and fourth positions were secured by blues and golds respectively.