Science club


“Most people say that it is the intellect that makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it’s the character.”

These few words of wisdom imparted by a legend in the field of science Albert Einstein inspired many budding scientists of St. Xavier’s school. Xavier’s Science Club nurtures these budding scientists and takes them on a journey of scientific adventures, unravelling the mysteries of nature from a microscopic bacteria to the colossal universe. As they say science of today is the technology of tomorrow, the hard work put in by the members, teacher coordinators and the executives and their innovative thinking has made many such dreams achievable.  
President– Parangat Mittal (XI-D)
Vice President– Mohit Bhargava (XI-C)
Secretary– Madhav Goel (XI-C)
Joint Secretary– Ishan Jain (XI-D)
Treasurer– Vaibhav Agarwal (XI-D) 
                         Priya Jangid (XI-C)
Executives (XI)
Ansh Mahershi (XI-D)
Ayush Pilani (XI-D)
Gaurang Sharma (XI-D)
Mehul Mehta (XI-D)
Naina Thomas (XI-E)
Simran Choudhary (XI-E)
Manan Bindra (XI-E)