Site Courtesy

Maintaing a website is a tedious and difficult task. That is why we need to take help of differnt people both inside and outside the school. eXrays team is grateful to all such people who have helped us in reaching this position and have contributed their selfless service.

  1. Fr. Varkey Perekkatt, S.J. – For providing us up-to-date electronic equipments
  2. Fr. M. Arockiam S.J – For giving us freedom to work independently and for his valuable suggestions.
  3. Fr. Sobin Matin, S.J. – For granting us permissions during school hours.
  4. Mr. Biju M.P.- For giving us his valuable advice time-to-time.
  5. Dr. Shaji Thomas – For providing us guidance and constant support.
  6. Mr. Ravish Gupta U/O Ishaan Rawat – For sponsoring and providing us technical support.