Snehansh Foundation Drawing Competition 2015 results

“Art enables us to find ourselves & lose ourselves at the same time.”

The long-awaited results for the Snehansh Foundation Drawing Competition, an annual event organized in the school to promote the budding artists of the school, are finally here:-

First Position

  Prachi Agrawal (VI E) New Doc 2_11   Prisha Jain (VII B) New Doc 2_1Vivaan Baid (VII E)New Doc 2_2 Himeesha Saboo (VII E) New Doc 2_17 Niharika (IV E) New Doc 2_16 Ritika Mathur (VI B) New Doc 2_10 Siddhi Tanwar (V A) New Doc 2_7

Second Position

Gehna Gudhainia (VII A) New Doc 2_5 Dishita Jain (VII B) New Doc 2_4 Nishtha Singh (VII A) New Doc 2_3 Zara Khan (V F) New Doc 2_8 Gauri Sharma (VI B) New Doc 2_14 Heena Jhalani (VI E) New Doc 2_12

Third Position

Radhika Jain (VII A) New Doc 2_6 Angel Tyagi (VI E) New Doc 2_15 Priyal Yadav (V F) New Doc 2_9