Spell Scan for 10th

The major tool of judging a person is not only one’s appearance but also one’s command towards others, i.e. , one’s way of speaking. Vocabulary is an element that people use to judge one’s intelligence and thus the need of improving or having a good vocabulary increases (if you want positive judgements for yourself).   Thus to promote and test the speaking and thinking skills, literature and (undoubtedly) vocabulary of the students, Spell Scan for the 10th standard was organised by the Literature Club of the school on 1st February ‘ 16 in the Senior School Hall. Four students from each section participated in the quiz and the coordinator for the event was Mr. Melvin. There were 12 rounds in total along with some of the questions saved for the audience that included all other students of the 10th standard.   The quiz was quite challenging and the questions/tasks were prepared keeping in mind the performance expected from the students. And as hoped for, they did very well with 10th E giving their best and emerging as winners and 10th B backing the 2nd position. The names of the achievers are as follows:-   1st : 10th E   Akshat Agarwal, Sameer Chaturvedi, Kartik Tholia, Vivaswan Shrinet.   2nd: 10th B   Bhavita Verma, Govind Sharma, Shubh Arora, Yashna Sharma.