Spell Scan for 9th Standard

As we all know, when it comes to the co-curricular activities (other than studies),  St. Xaviers School (Jaipur) still tops in providing the students the dignity to learn and develop in various other fields along with performing well in academics. Hence, one such activity, or I should say, the literature quiz, i.e. ,  Spell Scan, for the 9th standard was commenced by  the Literature Club of the school on 29th January ’16 in the Senior School Hall. Its prior objective was to encourage the interest for vocabulary , language and literature among the students. Four suitable students were chosen from each section (of  9th standard) to represent their respective sections/teams as Team A, Team B, Team C, Team D, Team E, while Mr. Melvin contributed as co-ordinator of the quiz. There were 12 rounds in total accompanied by several audience questions in between, hence, ensuring the audience’s role also in supplementing the points earned by the teams (if a correct answer was given by a student of a specific section). Well……talking about the level of the test conducted, it was pretty tough that forced the students to ‘scratch their heads’. But still the teams played better than expected and ended up competing head to head, with Team C (IX-C) acquiring 1st place and Team A (IX-A) coming 2nd; the participants of which are as follows:- 1st : IX-C Ayush Khandelwal, Maitrayi Singh, Manas Kumar, Riya Agarwal   . 2nd : IX-A Avi Tanwar, Rahul Bhakkar, Rudransh Shrivastav, Prateek Dhaka .