Sports Day 2017

On your marks….GET, SET, GO!

The flexing of muscles, pumping of Adrenalin, failing breath, prepared minds, golden moments of honour, halting points of disgrace, serenading victories with ribbing defeat and most exhilarating, the sheer excitement of being a part of it all. That is the essence Sport’s Day blesses with!
Certainly, education without sports is like a tree without fruits. Education is half-way sincere without the baffling zip of sports which stimulates sportsmanship, leadership, co-ordination and moreover, proficiency.

The 76th Annual Sport’s Day was held with pomp and show, vigour and valour and a spirit of healthy competition at St. Xavier’s on 25th November. The magnificence of the event soared as our highly esteemed Chief Guest Major Gen. S.P. Goswami VSM was welcomed along with his gracious wife with a bouquet and warm blessings.

The commencement of the coveted programme was marked by the torch-lifting by General Captain Hemender Singh Chabrawal who handed over the torch to Asst. Captain in General Lily Poonia symbolizing the passing over of the responsibilities to her.
The audience was put into fascination when the praiseworthy Gaurds of Honour with swords in their hands, heads held up, avertness on their faces and passion gushing through their blood escorted the chief guest for the introduction of the house captains, head boy and head girl as well as for overseeing the comrade of senior students ready for the Parade.
After the chief guest took his position, the indomitable voice of Dhruv Pratap Bishnoi who served as the Parade Commander, echoed through the huge ground as an order to begin the Parade carried out by the jaunt students who, undefeated by the scrouching sun, portrayed commendable coordination, hard work and grandeur which was gladly appreciated by the onlookers. Then the crowd cheered the MJ boys drill and the girl’s drill performed by zealous 6-8 class students.
In between these drills, the premesis witnessed the budding sportsmanship of all the participants who had gathered there for various athletic events. The efforts of the runners were well-lauded by the curious eyes and excited hearts. Also, Mrs Amita Shammi, Riya Agarwal, Bhavyam Sinha, Kumkum Agarwal and Siddhant Dingra laid out their contributions as MOCs and truly imparted justice to their jobs.

The saga of success was mesmerizing when the BLUES house received the prestigious MASUDA CUP. The shouts and cheers in utmost ecstasy could be heard all over. The grand show eventually ended with the School Cheer song.

Life is similar to a game. Sometimes you win and other times you lose but learning never ends. Participating in various sports not only develops a rare and cardinal quality of Sporting spirit but also teaches a person to accept both victory and defeat with grace.