Summer camp

Summer holidays. Most children relate this word to lying on the couch watching T.V and eating pizza, wasting two months of their life doing nothing. But that is not the case with Xavierites.

Xavier’s is not only known for its academics, but also for its co-curriculer activities and summer camp is the best platform to know their hidden talents. The summer camp of various activities started on 15 may. These activities develop life skills in the students. Various activities like theatre, calligraphy, sketching, etc are there. Calligraphy and sketching is taught by Mr.Melven Castelino and theatre by Mrs.Sunita Nagpal. Camps of different sports like volleyball, football, swimming, tennis, basketball, badminton, shooting etc are also there.

Students showed interest in these activities. These activities are benieficial in more than one way. These activities develop confidence, sharpen memory and teach them various things which studies cannot.

There is hustle in Xavier’s even in the holidays. Children are really keen on attending them. They are able to learn important skills of life with fun and laughter.