Taru Mitra club

“The groves were God’s first temples”

Tree, a gift of nature given by the divine to humanity, a gift from where all the life begins, a gift which endowed man with food, shelter and clothes, a gift which is critical to man’s survival, yet a gift condemned by man, a gift which he exploits only to fulfil his own pleasures and desires. In today’s swiftly moving world man’s desire has overshadowed the importance of trees in the environment. Taru Mitra club’s will stands resolute for saving such a beautiful gift. The club organizes meetings, educational tours etc, and spread awareness in order to save trees as saving trees is ultimately saving humanity.
  • Hardik Khandelwal(X-A)
  • Harsh Kalra(X-B)
  • Mohit Bhargava(X-C)
  • Sonil Jain(X-D)
  • Merlin Annie Geo(X-E)
  • Tanisha Goyal(IX-A)
  • Bhavita Verma(IX-B)
  • Lakshika Sharma(IX-C)
  • Nikhil Basu Agarwal(IX-D)
  • Ritika Sarda (IX-E)