CLASH OF ‘TECH’CLANS (of bits, bytes and binary…) Advancement in technology assuredly .. has a considerable influence on our entire globe…the _ripple effect_…is mind-boggling..!! But as the world is gaining momentum in the ‘techno-field’, even our budding minds (the up-and-coming youth) needs to be cognizant of this Advancement…. Exrays,the electronic eye of Xaviers has shouldered the responsibility of accomplishing this motive.Technobuzz, an annual IT quiz is undoubtedly a nice platform for the technocrats…. The execution of this idea full of vim and vigour was carried out on 22 July, 2017 in the Senior School Hall.This time the sponsor was Stani Memorial College!…’We Carve Out The Best..!!’so there was a pen and paper elimination round out of which 4 teams were chosen ..they were-: 1.MGD girls’ school 2.Jayshree Periwal high school 3.Jayshree Periwal International School 4.St Anslem’s school And then…the tech-savvys seated,the hall packed with students,a hubbub of guesses as to who would be the winner..This was the scene that can be well envisioned in our minds… The event began by the lighting of the lamp by our chief guest Mr.Elwin Cangan Thomas, Biju Sir,our teacher co-ordinator Shaji Sir and Chief editor Ishita Mathur.. followed by an euphonious prayer song..The event was well anchored by Ishita Mathur editor-in-chief, Exrays and Lily Poonia under the guidance of Dr. Shaji Thomas,the teacher co-ordinator of Exrays. The quiz embodied 7 rounds namely General, Hardware, Gaming, media, Leaders, Abbreviations and Rapid Fire .The quiz masters were Samyak Jain and Khushi Mohan who held their post very well.. THE GLOVES WERE OFF…!! All the teams combat hard enough pouring in their knowledge to grapple the gleaming trophy ,kept in the middle.The questions which could beat one’s brain out were answered at one fell swoop by the teams…which was worth appreciating.. The Final Results were… 1.Jayshree Periwal High school with 200 points 2.Jayshree Periwal International School with 105 points 3.St.Xavier’s with 100 points .. The sumptuous event came to a halt with the vote of Thanks By Ishita Mathur followed by the School Cheer Song.. The event was a huge success and really an amalgamation of team spirit, hardwork and knowledge… KUDOS TO THE WINNERS…!