The Farewell Ceremony

‘Good bye may seem forever, Farewell is like the end, but in our hearts are the memories and there you all will always be.’

Such was the vibe on the occasion of the Farewell Ceremony of our former principal reverent Fr. John Ravi and honourable former vice-principals, Fr. Sangeeth Raj and Mr. Yogesh Bhatnagar . After so many years of unparalleled service rendered by such essential members of the Xavier’s family, the moment had finally come to bid a goodbye to them.

The ceremony was commenced by the introductory speech given by the MCs – Divyam Sharma and Varun Gupta, which was followed by the presentation of beautiful bouquets by the Prefect body to our former principal and former vice principals. Then blessings were sought from God by a humble prayer song sung by the School Choir. The MCs then reminded everyone present about the achievements and great works of the respected ones , i.e., Fr. John, Fr. Sangeeth and Bhatnagar sir, which soared the respect for them in our hearts. It was the time for expressing them gratitude and felicitations on the behalf of the student community. Selected students from the middle and senior school and some of the X-rays club members presented gifts, bouquets and adorable souvenirs to them.

The programme was further kept up by brief but valuable speeches given by Fr. John, Bhatnagar sir and Fr. Sangeeth, inspiring the students for the last time. While our former principal talked about three important things – passion, punctuality and the road less travelled by – that Xavierites should strive for , Bhatnagar sir hugely conveyed his thankfulness to the students, and Fr. Sangeeth motivated students to be spontaneous in their thoughts and actions. Then the newly appointed principal of the school, Fr. T.J. Jose, for a last time, congratulated them for their such a successful and erratic experience in the school and wished them good luck for the next innings of their lives.

Finally, the ceremony was concluded with a mesmerizing song sung by the School Choir that arouse the emotion of nostalgia in the hearts of the three retiring members of the Xavier’s Society – Fr. John, Fr. Sangeeth, Bhatnagar sir which was clearly shown on their faces.


Good bye is never the end as you will always be there in our hearts. May God bless you with all the happiness and success to come in your lives.