Vibrant Xavier’s 2015

Standard 11th and 12th are the stages where the student has to choose between different career prospects available for him. He/She also has to deal with the failures of getting bad marks or failing the class during these years. Hence, they should be given right guidelines and examples from other people’s failures to lead a better life unaffected by such downfalls. Keeping this in mind Vishwas Gupta of Motivating Youth Club, came up with the idea of Vibrant Xavier’s 2015 where speakers from different fields of life would come up and inspire the students in the 3 day long event. The program commenced on the 12th of August. On this day speakers like Mr. Mahavir Pratap Sharma, Mr. Ashish Prabhakar, ASP, Anti Terrorism Squad, Rajasthan, and Mr. Amit Jain, co-founder of graced the stage and spoke about their life’s experiences and how they dealt with constant failures in their lives but still succeeding in their ventures. Mr. Ashish Prabhakar also acquainted the students with the idea of internal security which, in today’s world, is of utmost importance given the rise of terrorism and militant activities in the country.

Day 2 began with the session of Professor Yashwardhan Singh, Economics professor at St. Xavier’s College. He spoke about the role of value education in the field of economic development. According to him the youth who have gone abroad for studies and have settled there and are earning lumps of money should give it back to the society what they have earned in the form of charity which would help the weaker sections of the society to grow. Also, he gave emphasis on the thought that money doesn’t matter in the development, but values do. Next up were Mt. Vishwambhar Modi, a social worker and the founder of Tarun Samaj NGO. He imparted some of the steps to be successful in life- i) you should giving, either to the nature for environmental purposes or to the people as charitable purpose. Ii) you should not cause any trouble to anyone or not wish harm of anyone, and iii) you should keep learning everything you want to and never stop it. Mr. S.S. Agrawal, President of Indian Medical Association, was next as he apprised the students of the medical profession apart from being a doctor.

The last began as Mr. Ashutosh Bhatia, a motivational speaker, IT consultant and the writer of the bestselling book Crorepati Turns Roadpati, took the stage. He spoke about the mantra one’s goals which should be smart where: S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Achievable/Attainable, R- Realistic and T- Time bound. He also held the Gadget Gap- where people give more time to their gadgets than themselves or family- responsible for the de-motivation or the reason behind the failure of students. The second session was of Mr. Deepak Sogani, a renowned builder in Jaipur and a Guinness World Record holder. After him, Mr. Suresh Nair, founder of Abacus consultants, took the stage and spoke his share of words regarding the motivation from his life experiences. The last session of the day and the event was of Bhavesh Choudhary. He spoke about motivation of the person by breaking his speech into three different parts where the person would be in his low/petty self, day-to-day self and the higher self respectively. The program concluded after his inspiring speech. Ayush Saxena, the asst. Director of the program gave the vote of thanks.

Over 300 students from different schools attended this grand event making this one of a kind program in Xavier’s a success.