Vibrant Xaviers

What is Vibrant Xaviers? When pondered over this question, many are left wondering. While some say – “Its like counselling”, many others still deny of knowing anything about it.
Well, I say that it is another term for ‘INSPIRATION’, and that too, loads of it.

India has an honour of being given the title of the ‘Most Youthful Country’. Youth is a great asset, indispensable for a country’s progress. But having the largest population of youth, we are still developing. The reason for this is acute lack of determination, motivation and inability to discover oneself, experienced by most of the peers today. They are unfamiliar of their true talents and specialities and by the time they know it, they are already walking on the path absolutely not for them.

Keeping this in mind, Vibrant Xaviers was initiated on 22nd August, 2016 by the Motivating Youth Club in the Senior school hall and ended on 23rd August. Its premier objective has always been of infusing self-resoluteness and inspiration into the students especially who haven’t discovered their true-self yet.

Delegates from several schools like SMS, Step by Step, St. Anselm’s, St. Edmunds were invited along with some venerated and famous motivational speakers who raptured the students by narrating before them their extraordinary experiences and messages and inspirations got from them.
Descriptions of the speakers and their speeches on both the days are stated below:-

Day 1 – 22nd August

The first session was taken by Amit Asawa, the first class Indian cricketer who plays for Rajasthan. He was head coach of Rajasthan when they emerged champions of the Ranji Trophy in 2010/11 and 2011/12 seasons.
Being an experienced and successful sportsperson, he stressed upon -‘Never giving up and never decreasing your pace on the path of success despite of all the ups and downs, twists and turns, flowers and thorns over it. One has to deal with failures as well as success in life and one should be patient and courageous for that.’ He concluded with the lines- “For something to achieve, some other thing has to be sacrificed”, hence enlightening the students with his words and thoughts.

The second session was with Sachin Sharma, the founder of ‘Think4click’ company which provides solutions against the cyber crime. He is also laying his contributions as an Ethical Hacker for the peoples’ security in the cyber world.
Having a huge amount of knowledge about technology and its side effects, he pointed towards the foremost weakness of the students today, i.e , Mobile Phone. He said that the real life is being replaced by the digital life virtualized by social sites and apps like Whats app and Face book. He made the students aware of the types of cyber crimes people are confronting today and the reason behind their happening, i.e. , Revenge. He also discussed about the ‘cores’ of the cyber world, how it is expanding and how to start for being an Ethical Hacker.

The third fantastic speaker that came up was Captain Rajesh Arora, a well experienced Merchant Navy officer of India.
He introduced the students to the boon and bane of having the post. Being one, he was outstandingly knowledgeable about a Navy officer’s life, the challenges one faces and the drawbacks of being the one and discussed these with students. He said that though the job is a bit challenging, it’s an advantageous place where one gets an excellent exposure to a variety of people from different countries , learning and getting experiences.

Day 2 – 23rd August

The first spectacular speaker for the second day was Prashant Mishra who is a writer, poet and playwright. He is the author of the novel The Immortal Death. A student in Class 11th at the Saint Anselm Pink City School in Jaipur, his first play titled The Unfulfilled Dream was staged in his own school. When he’s not writing, he loves to observe, debate and donate.
He is truly an inspiration to the students who have an interest in writing. He highlighted the words- ‘You have to do something to make your name a brand.’

The second great personality was Krishna Poonia– an Indian discus thrower. She led an Indian clean sweep in the women’s discus final on 11 October 2010, winning the Delhi Commonwealth Games gold medal with a throw of 61.51 meters. The Government of India awarded her the civilian honour of Padma Shri in 2011.
A feeling of honour was in the air as she stepped on the stage and the hall was filled with exuberant applause. She gave a short representation of some of the instances from her career life presenting before the students the hardships confronted by her and bravura showed. ‘Increase your participation level. That will aid you to a considerable extent to discover your true talent and strive for it.’ – were her concluding lines to the students.

The third gorgeous speaker was Nimisha Verma, a Visual Artist. She is the director of ‘Home of Artists’, a free haven for wandering artists with no accommodation, where they interact and learn.
She began with reciting a lovely poem telling the importance of time and the fear faced by many as the time keeps on passing by. But the irony is – “time doesn’t hurry but we do”. Her secret for success was her unaffected determination and her belief in ‘What you believe, you become.’ She told the students that for achieving something you have to feel it beside you and you’ll definitely get it.

After every speech, the respective speaker was interrogated by the students who then sat contended due to the wonderful answers given and was presented a token of appreciation.
Fire of inspiration and sheer determination was clearly seen ablaze in the eyes of the students. Indeed, it was a delightful event.