Xavier’s sports week

The school was filled with loud cheers and jeers throughout the sports week organised by the Xavier’s Alumni. The sports week was conducted during 13-17 October and consisted of volleyball and football. In football 16 teams participated and 12 and 8 teams in boys and girls volleyball category. The teams gave their heart and soul to their teams to become the ultimate winner. Spectators were filled with excitment as the matches went on. Delicious refreshments were given to all the players. The matches were fought head to head between various teams which kept on increasing the nervousness, not only in the players but as well as the onlookers. The week saw some spectacular players fighting tooth to nail, either to gain the control of the football or to smash the volleyball. The finals of football was played between Neerja modi school and St. Xavier school with the latter emerging victorious. Indivual awards were also given-
1)Best player- Ishan rozario
2)Top scorer- Ishan rozario
3)Best goalkeeper-Naman singh
4)Best midfielder-Matrand raina
5)Best defender-Divyanshu
In the girls category of volleyball the finals were fought between St. Xavier’s school and tagore international school with the former lifting the cup for second consecutive time. Indivual awards were given-
1)Best player- Mahima chaudhary
2)Best smasher- Lakshika sharma
3)Best lifter- Vanshika sharma
In the boys category of boys the finals were fought between Defence public school and Maheshwari public school with the former emerging victorious. Indiviual awards were given-
1)Best player- Bharat dhabhai
2)Best smasher- Ayush sharma
3)Best lifter- Chirayu maheshwari
The closing ceremony was conducted on 17 October 2016 in which indiviual awards and the team trophies were distributed.