Started in the year 1953, as an 8-page “newspaper”, the X-Rays is as old as the institute itself, and is an integral part of the Xavierian legacy. Over the years, the school magazine, X-Rays has taken many forms; from weekly newspaper to annual magazine to monthly newsletter, and then to biannual magazine. Since 2014, it is published as an annual coloured magazine.
The X-Rays intensively covers the events and happenings at St. Xavier’s, while also serving as a platform for the budding writers of the school to come out in the limelight. Even after 62 years, the X-Rays remains one of the most beloved part of St. Xavier’s.┬áThe office bearers are as follows:-
Editor-in-Chief: Neelesh Agrawal (12 D)
Executive Editor: Naman Sujanti (12 E)
Senior Editors:
1. Megha Paliwal (12 D)
2. Saniya Dasot (12 E)
3. Malvika Mathur (12 B)
4. Mishita Gehlot (12 B)
5. Vaidehi Brighu (11 C)
6. Kritik Sharma (11 D)
7. Vishnu Jayan (11 E)
8. Satvik Singh (11 D)
9. Harshit Jain (11 D)
Junior Editors:
1. Kanu Garg (10 B)
2. Tania B. George (10 D)
3. Merlin Anne Geo (10 E)